Katherine Haghighi, music therapist, life coach, and author of We All Die: Becoming who we are in the meantime.

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The Inner Landscapes of Grief:

A Lyrical Exploration of a Garden Within the Boreal Forest
April 2024

We All Die: Becoming Who We Are in the Meantime

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About Middlerock Productions

Middlerock Productions, a distinguished production company, has carved a unique niche in the literary world as a producer of both printed and digital books. Known for its professional and heartfelt approach, it stands out for its dedication to showcasing the works of Katherine Haghighi, a multi-faceted talent who is not only an accomplished author but also a music therapist, educator, speaker, and workshop leader.

Based in the serene landscapes of Alaska, Katherine brings a unique perspective to her writing. Her work, central to Middlerock Productions, is characterized by a deep love of storytelling that intricately weaves the themes of living and grieving. Katherine believes in the inseparability of these experiences, viewing them as integral parts of the human journey. Her passion lies in identifying and articulating those compelling moments that challenge us to reflect on the essence of life.

Middlerock Productions aims to inspire readers to recognize and embrace their potential in every fleeting moment. Katherine’s work encourages an exploration of life’s realities–from the joys of existence to the inevitability of death, and everything that lies in between. She believes that by understanding our current selves and who we are evolving into, we can lift the veil of routine existence to appreciate the beauty of life built upon moments that are often overlooked.

Katherine’s extensive experience as a music therapist and educator in hospice care deeply informs her writing. This background enables her to infuse her work with profound empathy and understanding, making her stories resonate with readers on a deeply emotional level. Middlerock Productions takes pride in this aspect of Katherine’s work, understanding its power to touch lives and provoke thought.

The company’s commitment to producing works that are not only literary but therapeutic in nature sets it apart. Middlerock Productions is more than a publisher of books; it is a conduit for stories that enlighten, educate, and heal. It is a cultivator of stories that matter. It stands as a testament to the power of written words to not only tell a story but also to change lives.