Katherine Haghighi, music therapist, life coach, and author of We All Die: Becoming who we are in the meantime.
Alaska Botanical Garden's Artist In Residence

Alaska Botanical Garden’s Artist In Residence

Artist In Residence

Alaska Botanical Garden’s Artist In Residence presents – A writer with a love of storytelling, Haghighi explores the topics of living and grieving. For her, there is no separation. She is passionate about recognizing compelling moments that inspire and provoke what living life is all about.

“As humans, we sometimes see our world and the landscapes that surround us as external. We easily dismiss their similarities to our inner landscapes, especially when we experience grief and loss,” Haghighi writes. The dedicated time and space provided in the residency will give the author the opportunity to learn, observe, interact with, and write in the boreal forest. She will create one of a series of short books highlighting each of Alaska’s 4 environments (marine, tundra, boreal forest, and rainforest). The book will present an interplay between writing and photographs.

June 24th Event

Join us this month on Saturday, June 24th from 1:30 – 3:00 pm to hear the author’s work and intent as participants walk through the Garden. Haghighi will read excerpts from the text in the exact space it was written. Participants will be given a postcard to write a note to themselves on the topic to be sent to them the following month.

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Photo: Lilly Kelly/Visit Anchorage

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